Movie Review: Deadpool (Spoiler Free!)


Rexis here!

Deadpool! Amirite?

You’ve probably heard that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Iron Man or that you can’t imagine anyone other than Hugh Jackman (Huge Ackman? WTH is an Ackman?) as Wolverine. Well, I propose to you that Ryan Reynolds was meant to be Deadpool! Of course, my idea of what the Merc-With-The-Mouth should be is limited to the little information I know about him (or knew about him). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no comic reader, but I know a thing or two. And what I know about Deadpool is that he is sarcastic, vulgar, and constantly breaks the fourth wall. Reynolds shines in this position. Its like he has free-reign to do what he does best. Having been a fan of his for a long time (Van Wilder, Waiting, Just Friends), I loved seeing him in this role!

The movie was fantastic! (Not like Fantastic 4.) I didn’t know what to expect going into the theatre and, honestly, I was prepared for disappointment. I walked out pleasantly surprised and very interested in a hero I didn’t know much about before. The story was great and, even though he is abrasive and an anti-hero, I found myself rooting for Deadpool. I wanted to see this guy win! And I’m not the only one, apparently. This movie is on fire!

Honestly, I’m having a hard time thinking of anything negative to say here. Everything about this movie, from the opening credits to the stinger, was awesome! The acting, the jokes, the presentation, the fourth-wall breaking, the violence and vulgarity, it was all perfect. Oh, and by the way, taking your kids to this movie is a bad idea. Don’t be THAT person. And if you are that person you might want to rethink your values. I grew up watching R rated movies, but you know what I didn’t see in those movies? Pegging. I’m not going into details, but leave the kids out of this one. For crying out loud! Why do we force kids to grow up so fast these days? /rant off

This movies was released at an interesting time with huge productions scheduled all around it. We’re only just getting over Avegners: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Next in the Lineup we’re going to see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: Apocalypse. (So many subtitles.) This reminds me of a time some readers may be too young to remember, and its the reason I think Deadpool is so popular.

Let’s travel back to the mid to late nineties, when music was still good, and take a look at a couple of bands who went mainstream. Blink-182 and The Beastie Boys. I’m no fan of the latter. These bands came onto the scene when music was serious and depressing. People had grown tired of it and latched onto bands who made light hearted fun music, often as parody. Pop-punk was born. Music history is fun.

My point is this: Deadpool has come onto the scene when super-hero movies have grown too serious. Everything is about the end of the world these days. Did you see Doomsday and Apocalypse in those trailers? Those guys are not messing around. This is some serious life or death stuff going on. Fox’s brilliant release timing has given us a respite from the bombardment of heroes we are bound to grow tired of and they’ve kept things fresh by bringing in a hero who can say exactly what we are all thinking, and does he ever!

This is a movie you should absolutely see! Not only does it stand on its own as a solid, action-packed, hilariously entertaining movie, but it also stands as a reflection of the age we’re living in, the age of hero movies. Its a criticism, a parody, and a satirical look at some of the biggest pop-culture icons of the day. I fully believe this is why Deadpool works!


Superhero Movies and Why I Love Them


Rexis here!

Hello, internet! As I sit here with pink eye and a head full of congestion brought on by some kind of odd virus I’ve picked up from who-knows-where, I think of superheroes. Wouldn’t it be nice to be immune to these ridiculous diseases, like Wolverine? Can we at least get some sweet nano tech to inject that fights off viruses in ways our bodies never could? Its 2016 for crying out loud! Give me my nano tech already!

Rant over. I’ve been spending too much of my time lately watching videos about comic books on YouTube. NerdSync is my favorite. Here’s the thing though: I didn’t grow up as a fan of comic books or super heroes. Crazy right? I’ve never seen all the Superman movies with Christopher Reeves and I finally saw the Michael Keaton Batman in 2015. Blasphemy? Perhaps. My first experience with the super heroes movie genre was actually Batman Forever. I remember it because it was around this time that Six Flags over Georgia embraced the movie and built the Batman section of the theme park. It was awesome! Not the movie. The movie was stupid. But the park was so fun!

I don’t like campy superhero movies like early Batman and Superman flicks. (I’m leaving out the first X-Men movie. I saw it, but I barely even remember it. I’d rather have watched a toad get struck by lightning.) I didn’t develop an actual interest in the genre until Spider-Man with the Tobes (Tobey Maguire). That was in 2002. I was around 18 then and I would say I’d never followed a comic storyline in my life until that point. As far as the movie goes, I loved it at the time, though its aged really, really badly. I’m talking to you, Green-Goblin-looking-like-he-walked-off-the-Power-Rangers-set-and-into-a-blockbuster-movie.

After I saw that movie, I found a world I didn’t know about or understand in comics. I still didn’t read them, but I read a lot of summaries of story lines and character bios. Time passed and movies released. X-Men got better. The worlds these characters lived in was growing and I learned so, so much about them. And still, I didn’t get into comic books. And to this day, I still don’t read them.

I’m a fan of movies. I love them, for the most part. I enjoy B movies and laughing at the cheesy dialogue and intentional bad acting. I love blockbuster movies about the world being destroyed. I love sci-fi and I’ll take all the lens flares J. J. can fit on a screen because the man tells a great story. I don’t like campy-ness. I don’t like war movies that don’t have Bruce Willis. And I’m not a fan of paranormal garbage because I find it hard to suspend my disbelief when watching them. I’ll even get into the young adult novel’s gone to film. Katniss is my girl!

My point is, superhero movies have found a place in my heart and because of the way the medium has changed, I can now be included in a subculture of nerdom that I wouldn’t have fit into before. I may not read the comics, but I can totally hold my own in an argument about Thor’s hammer and whether or not he could beat Superman. (We discuss this a lot where I work, believe it or not.) I enjoy getting stories recapped through YouTube videos. Comicstorian is awesome, too.

And I am looking forward to seeing ALL of the movies on the Marvel and DC lineups. Deadpool just hit theatres and I’m going to have to carve out some time to catch it. I’m super psyched about Suicide Squad. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be so fun to watch! New X-Men, new Avengers, new Guardians, and the Inhumans… OMG the age we live in! Amirite?!

There is just something about these movies that seems to call to me. They can take something we are struggling with internally, expand upon it, give the villain a face, and defeat him. They tell stories that are far-fetched, but impact us very close to home. Its like a grandiose version of what we are thinking and feeling. I love that. Who wouldn’t want to be the superhero of their own story?

Yes, I missed the comic craze because I was always too busy gaming, but I am catching up now and loving every minute of it! And to lay any questions to rest: my favorite superhero is and always will be Superman (Gambit comes in 2nd)! We can get into why another time, as well as who I prefer when it comes to DC v. Marvel. That’s always a hot debate.

So, I’d love to hear your thought! Who is your favorite super hero and why? Do you have a favorite movie? What do you think of the old campy comic films? Who would win in a fight: Thor or Superman? Let’s discuss!