“Real Gamers”


Rexis here!

I usually pride myself on being unoffendable (that’s not a word). It takes a lot to offend me, is what I’m saying. I’m also not one who thinks much of other people’s stupid opinions, because almost everyone has stupid opinions. A few minutes ago, I had to delete a comment on my recent Star Wars post from some idiot who could barely string a few words together. It looked like he just smashed his face against the keyboard. I doubt he’ll be back, but if you’re seeing this, try reading the post and offering some sort of rebuttal in English. I’m not going to try to sort through you nonsensical complaints with no backing.

As it turns out, I’m actually easily offended by stupidity and the world is full of it. So I thought I’d take a look at one of my biggest pet peeves, the thing that tends to set me off the most. As the titles indicates, I’m talking about “Real Gamers.” These are people I just cannot stand. Trolls or otherwise, they serve to derail every gaming conversation with just insults against anyone who disagrees with them. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Just read the comments section on any YouTube video about the GameCube. They turn out in droves.

“Nintendo is for kids!”

Now, I can understand if Mario doesn’t entice you to play his game, but that doesn’t mean its for kids. Neither does the ESRB rating on the box. If someone says “I’m a gamer and I play on the iPhone,” look out! Here come the “real gamers” to correct the plebs. If you prefer one FPS to another, one console to another, or play anything other than a PC, you aren’t a “real gamer.” If you play anything made by Nintendo, play FPS on XBOX One, have a membership to Playstation Plus, you aren’t a “real gamer.”

So, doing as I do, I dug a little deeper and figured out what a “real gamer” in this context means. That’s right, internet, I’ve figured it out. Do you want to be a “real gamer”? Do you want to be part of an obnoxious elite? Here is how you do it!

Get yourself a superiority complex!

Its that simple! How do you get one? So easy! Be inferior. Sounds contradictory, right? Alfred Adler, an Austrian medical doctor and psychotherapist figured this all out in the early 1900’s and coined the term. Here’s a simple explanation:

An individual who is not properly trained to answer life’s problems may turn from striving for superiority in useful ways to that of a personal superiority at all cost. If an individual cannot be better than another on their own merit, they will attempt to tear down another person or group to maintain their superior position.

You see, your superiority simply hides your inferior nature. Of course, in psychology, it goes much deeper. We aren’t going to discuss all of the medical dialect here. Suffice it to say that if you really feel like your way of gaming is the only way to be a “real gamer”, then you suck. At gaming. And at life. You are inferior. And it seems like everyone knows it but you. Even Alfred “Freak-Nasty” Adler knows it! (That’s probably a real nickname of his. You don’t know. You aren’t going to look it up, anyway.)

Curing your complex isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to involve treating the root cause of it all; your inferiority. But if you came here looking for a cure, you’re in the wrong place. I’m no doctor, and quite frankly, I hate you. You have stupid opinions about what makes a gamer and I have no time for your problems.

For the rest of us forced to cope with you, here is what we need to do. Avoid confronting these individuals in online debate or in real life. Ignore them as if they were trolls (because they are). Engaging them only affirms their opinions by validating them. It gives them a platform to stand on. Doing that inflates that feeling of superiority which only allows them to avoid confronting their real problems. By ignoring them, we are helping them.

In closing, a gamer is a gamer, regardless of the platform they play on, the games they like, or your personal opinions. A gamer is someone who picks up a game and plays it. Its that simple. I don’t care if you game for 10 minutes a week on Candy Crush or 10 hours a day on some FPS. To me, you’re a gamer. It doesn’t matter how much you know about the history of Atari. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl. It doesn’t matter if you only play Halo while drinking Mountain Dew. It doesn’t even matter if you only play sports games or Minecraft. You’re a gamer.

Anyone who adds “real” to the front is the inferior one.


6 thoughts on ““Real Gamers”

  1. Hi there! You’ve made a good point, but I have to disagree with something. There isn’t some list of properties you must have to be a “real” gamer; there is no such thing. But. In my humble opinion, someone who plays Snake on Nokia while taking a shit is not a gamer. The gaming community goes much deeper and I consider it a very serious matter. I used to know someone who played point and click puzzle games on PC when boredom would make a visit; that kind of games in which you have a list of words and you have to find the objects in the picture. Anyway. And I was with this person when I bought my PSP (seems like ages ago) and I found only a 2000 model and I wanted a 3000 one and I wasn’t sure if I should buy that or search some place else. And this person looked at me and said “but it’s Sony, it’s good, take it”. And I didn’t realized then and I laughed. After we walked out of the store, this person asked me with an angry voice “why did you laugh at me?”. And I just sat there, looked into this confused pair of eyes and I realized that some people don’t know what a PlayStation is. Or any other console. Can I call someone like this a gamer? You said “I don’t care if you game for 10 minutes a week on Candy Crush or 10 hours a day on some FPS.” There is a huge difference between someone who invests as much as 10 hours a day in a FPS than someone who plays out of boredom some silly game on a phone. Video games are about so many things, their entire history and the way technology evolved and so on. Although, this is a little tricky… I’m playing video games almost every day; when I’m not playing video games, I watch video games reviews; when I’m not watching reviews, I’m out with friends talking about video games. But still, does that make me a gamer? There are so many things I don’t understand about video games, like technical stuff, and this makes me wonder. “It doesn’t matter how much you know about the history of Atari”, you said. Well, I believe it matters. Someone who doesn’t understand how much beauty can be expressed in a video game and how things evolved from Pong to… name any of today’s games, can’t be a gamer. Is like reading 5 books just because and then not remembering anything, not understanding anything. That makes you a “reader”, a “book-lover”(for lack of an appropriate word)? Is like considering yourself an old school rocker and you’ve never heard of Led Zeppelin. I believe a gamer is someone who puts as much soul in a video game as a video game puts in him. Does that make any sense? I don’t know, maybe I’m taking this too seriously. Like I said, this is just what I think.


    • You are touching on a point I didn’t bring up in this post because I wasn’t sure how to word it. Your example of playing snake on a Nokia, to me, he’s still a gamer. He is gaming after all. And if he identifies himself as such because he plays snake every time he’s on the can is fine by me. I’d say there are different levels of experience, but that doesn’t define who is or is not a “gamer.” If you don’t like my definition for the word, that’s fine. You can have your own opinion. But mock me because I like Mario Galaxy and tell me I’m not a “real gamer” and we got a problem.

      The culture and history are all very important to me, which is why I rebel against the “real gamer” title and the crappy elitist mentality that comes with it. That’s what this rant is focused on. And this is a rant after all, don’t take it too seriously!

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      • Maybe we shouldn’t put labels. I don’t walk around having a label on my forehead saying “I’m a gamer” or anything. I just like video games a lot, that doesn’t make me anything. Maybe when people call themselves “real gamers” they want to identify with something, they want to be a part of the gaming community, but stating that they are better than everyone else. And like you said, it just shows their inferiority. Anyway, this was a nice subject to think about.

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  2. I agree that there are different degrees of “gamer” that can go all the way down to just playing phone games when bored. I don’t believe in there being something above being a gamer such as “real gamer” but I do believe in the existence of “casual gamers” who are the ones who play games for a few minutes at a time or only simple games. Part of the break that I see is mainly after playing MMOs and RPGs a lot and realizing that there were people who would never touch a RPG due to the complexity of it, or people in MMOs who spent their whole time playing at a lower level simply to win at that level’s PvP. I consider that they aren’t willing to learn what is needed to succeed at higher levels due to lack of commitment or aren’t willing to learn the strategy needed to play RPGs or other more complex games. I accept them as a part of the gaming community, but it’s a break like someone who plays basketball in their backyard vs. someone who is in a semi-pro or pro basketball team. I remember competing against guilds that would raid for 40+ hours a week. Our guild was more of the “semi-pro” category with raiding for about 6 dedicated hours a week. I have enjoyed some casual gaming before and since that, so I see nothing wrong with it, but I do feel that if that is all you ever do, you are missing out on a lot that the gaming world has to offer. Same thing for people who only play a single genre of game. They fall into a sub-category in my mind of gamer. Still welcome in the community, but understood to be lacking in opinion and depth of knowledge in other genres. I know my opinions are kinda elitist, but after seeing how much more there is to the community, I feel bad for the ones who limit themselves. By the way, I think that Nintendo is really good at making games for everyone, not just kids.


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