XBOX One vs. PlayStation 4 – What to buy?


Rexis here!

Internet, it’s time we had a little talk. First of all, there are people on the planet who have not upgraded their consoles to the current generation just yet. Unbelievable, I know. I work with one of them and he has resolved to buy a PlayStation 4. I have an XBOX One. If you want to know my personal reasons for going with Microsoft this round, click here. I find that between my different co-workers that I’m either put on trial for my decision or praised for it. The irony is that this is coming for individual who don’t even know the game release line up for the systems.

Everyone has their different reasons for purchasing whatever console they choose, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when they choose based on graphics alone. This won’t be a rehash of my previous posts “Graphics vs. Gameplay “, I swear. I still stand by the fact that good games aren’t made by graphics alone, though. Recent titles have proven that point. I’m more concerned with the direct screen to screen comparisons between consoles. Casual players like my coworker will base their decisions on these images alone.

So let me ask you a question. Look at this comparison between XBOX One and PS4 screen shots below. Which one looks better to you?



So which one did you pick? Did it align with your preferred console? This pier looks amazing in both pics and its pretty hard to tell them apart. What if I told you that I actually switched the labels? Does that change your opinion on which looks better?  Well, not only did I switch the labels, these aren’t even images from the current generation. These are from PS3 and 360.

We’ve come to the point that graphics are something of a moot point when it comes to comparing one console to the other. Games look so amazing these days that its hard to tell the difference between them from console to console. Buying a console based off of compared images makes no sense. Here’s what techradar had to say about it.

A gameplay video on YouTube of GTA 5 pans between the two next-gen versions of the game with a definitive answer. The PS4 GPU is able to handle more foliage in environments. Yes, you literally have to get into the weeds to see the differences, though both the PS4 and Xbox editions of GTA 5 look stellar compared to their last-gen counterparts.

When you really get into comparisons between these two consoles ignoring gimmicky peripherals and special controllers, there is very little difference save for one thing: the games. A lot of third party games tend to be released for both consoles which may be a factor in why these consoles are so similar. (A post for another time perhaps?) What you need to look at are the original IP’s. Are you going to be interested in the exclusive titles? If not, don’t waste your money! If you want games that need a Kinect, buy an XBOX. If you prefer Vita cross play, go for a PlayStation.

No matter which system you choose, just remember one thing: Its all about the games! Don’t be an elitist. It really makes no sense to argue which is better. You’ll lose focus of why we game in the first place. When I walk into a game store, I like to take it all in. Don’t be that guy who goes straight to the Microsoft corner and stays there. Those are the people who contribute to the underlying problem, the Video Gamers Divide. We have to unite as gamers and share our passion across all platforms! Even PC gamers. I love you guys despite some of the more intolerable elitist among you. (It’s easy to have the best gaming platform when it costs many time over what a console does.)


Final Fantasy XI Journal – Entry 7 – BST Mode


Headed to Purgonorgo Isle, messing with /lockstyle.

Rexis here!

How’s it going, peeps! As per the usual, I have been wildly busy in game as well as outside of it. I have completed Chains of Promathia and it was glorious. Trying to write a summary for it, however, has been not so glorious. The story in incredibly in depth and, at times, confusing. There are lots of moments when characters say something like “That means Prishe is…” The trailing off kills me. I feel like if the characters communicated better then there would be no need for the story at all. That’s beside the point though. A lot of Vana’diel’s history has been revealed and putting it in summarized form is going to take some time.

In the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, ready to kill a god.

In the Grand Palace of Hu’Xzoi, ready to kill a god.

In other news, I’ve already started pressing on into Treasure of Aht Urghan and Rhapsodies of Vana’diel simultaneously. I started with the simple goal of unlocking my fifth trust slot. Some of ToAU is required for that, but then I just kept playing the story because I love it. The Empire has an interesting backstory and I find myself wondering about the different mysterious artifacts that resemble what I’ve seen in the game so far.

Modeling my new shades.

Modeling my new shades.

Storylines aside, I’m still a beastmaster and haven’t bothered to try anything else yet. I am having too much fun with it! Let’s go ahead and get this little rant of mine out of the way: I am not bothered by the recent beastmaster nerf! Those unfamiliar with the job may not realize it, but beastmasters now have to be within 7 yalms of a pet to use the Ready/Sic command. This puts the player in AOE range. Honestly, the most difficulty I’ve had with this change happens when my pet is fighting an unwanted link and it’s just out of range. Perhaps this causes issues in end game events, but I’ve never been one for that kind of stuff. If anything, this nerf will clear the playing field of bandwagon beastmasters who play the job just to be part of that end game stuff. They have no real love for it and have probably never charmed a thing. You aren’t a good beastmaster if you can’t handle 4-6 (or more) unwanted, dangerous links.

Waiting for the spring to fill in Ro'Maeve... It never did.

Waiting for the spring to fill in Ro’Maeve… It never did.

I’ve been coming across some interesting conversation in my travels lately, usually within my linkshell. I tend to creep the LS sometimes while on missions. I’m not always in a  talkative mood. I’ve seen people on both sides of the fence in regards to how to play a job. I’ve always been a believer that you should play what you love and play it in a way that’s fun for you. As such, I’ve never much cared for leveling multiple jobs. I don’t see the fun in grinding experience for hours upon hours. I’ve also never been much of a gear hunter. I just don’t see the fun in devoting a large portion of your time to getting better gear so that you can… get more gear? I guess? It’s impressive when you see someone who has all the best stuff they can get, sure, but its not something I aspire to. To add to that, I’ve never been a fan of swapping gear in battle. I’ve done it extensively in the past to the point that I only had a few slots left in my inventory for drops. These days, I don’t worry about it so much and I am doing just fine.

Unlocking Puppetmaster. Just to have it,

Unlocking Puppetmaster. Just to have it.

In other news, I killed the sky gods for the first time! Icedd from my linkshell, took me up there and we knocked them out. He apparently does it often, but it was a fun first for me. I can’t imagine going back and doing it on my own. It would be easy enough, but the rewards just aren’t there. He does it for the gil, something I don’t find I need very often. I’ve usually got around 300,000 on hand. I was playing with Myrr, also from my linkshell, and we were talking about jobs. Myrr has multiple level 99 jobs, which is fine, but the way I see it, if I focus all my effort into leveling and meriting beastmaster, it will become far stronger than it would if I spread my time across several jobs. It’s been paying off so far as I’ve put a few hundred merits into the job already and a few job points as well. (Ruinator weapon skills is so cool!)

In regard to focusing on beastmaster, I’ve gotten two pieces of Totemic armor so far (head and legs). I know I said I don’t usually chase armor, but hear me out. Its very easy to get. Here’s how I do it. Step 1: Get AF armor. Step 2: Use sparks to buy Rem’s Tales. Step 3: Buy tiger leather from the AH and use login points for the second non-AH item. Step 4: Trade and profit. That literally all there is to it. I like to wait until there is a “Gain Experience” record of emergence in effect, then I go to Esha- Zitah and rake in the points. Every 5,000 experience points earned gives you 300 sparks. That’s only one kill in that area, so the sparks flow like a river. Plus I accrue more merits. It’s a win-win.

I also spent some time over the last week acquiring my Empyrean armor, minus the helmet. Beastmaster JSE tends to look kind of native American inspired with pelts and such. I’m not a fan of it. I do love the dark steel look of the Empyrean armor, though (despite its purple appearance). The reason I skipped the helmet? The sweet shades. If I acquire seals along the way I will upgrade the armor, but I’m not going out of my way for it. I’m focusing on Totemic for now. I just got it to use the /lockstyle command. I was really tired of looking at the outrider chainmail, anyway.

My current appearance. /lockstyle

My current appearance. /lockstyle

~Beastmaster Misunderstandings~

Last night, as I stood waiting for the full moon in Ro’Maeve to get my Ark Pentashere for Divine Might (the weather never cleared so I didn’t get it), someone asked me what beastmaster was all about. Well, I’d like to take a moment to clear up any confusion with this awesome job because I’ve run into a few people who don’t really know what we’re about. Everyone knows that a beastmaster can charm mobs and use jug pets. The jug pets come in all shapes and varieties, and sometimes have very helpful traits (Dipper Yuly gives us treasure hunter). In the past, using a jug pet would consume the jug, but no longer. The job ability “Bestial Affinity” works like “Call Beast,” but you keep the jug! It has a twenty minute cool down so it’s good to have some consumable jugs for emergencies, but it helps a lot. I have quite a few jugs that I keep on hand for different situations.

There are different ways to play the job. Some choose to let the pet do all the work, but I prefer to fight alongside mine. It makes the fight go much faster because a beastmaster is a pretty decent damage dealer in his own right. Popular subjobs are ninja, white mage, and dancer. I prefer dancer because of dual wield and the ability to heal/buff yourself (haste samba ftw), but beastmasters also have a trait called “fencer” that gives them a higher rate of critical hits and a TP bonus on weapon skills when wielding a single one-handed weapon (an axe and shield, for example). With Trust magic white mages to keep you alive, using a subjob like warrior and wielding a single axe could be devastating in the damage dealer department.

In the past, experience gain was affected by the pet. This has changed. A jug pet, when called, will be lower level than the beastmaster (merits can get them to be the same level), thus negating any experience penalty. A charmed pet of a higher level than the beastmaster will be treated as if there were a higher level member in the party and experience will be awarded accordingly.

Lastly, just for fun, one of my favorite things to do as a BST/DNC is to build five steps, then use ready-ruinator-reverse flourish-ready. This does some awesome damage and restores some of the TP I used. Having dancer as a subjob, its important to manage that TP bar effectively. So I hope this clears up any questions you have about the job. It’s a lot of fun to play and serves as more than just an end game damage dealer. We have a few new beastmasters coming up in my linkshell and I am looking forward to the day we can all get together and decimate!


That’s all I’ve got for updates at the moment. My current plans involve finishing the Chains of Promathia summary as soon as I can organize my thought. In game, I’ll press on through Rhapsodies of Vana’diel and Treasure of Aht Urghan. I know its out of order to do Rhapsodies so soon, but the benefits are so great, I can’t hold off. I’ll be doing summaries for these things as they come up, in order of course. So after Promathia drops, Treasure will be shortly behind it. I know you have a lot of options in how you get your FFXI info, but my demographic for the lore posts are basically those who likes to read. Anyone can write a walkthrough and post a game script, but context is everything. If you want to go straight into the “How To” stuff, take a look at SilverSean’s YouTube channel. He’s got some great info for new and returning players, as well!

As always, thanks for reading

5 Times Donald Trump Proves He’s A Video Game Character


Rexis here!

I’m not into politics. Not even a little bit. I’m sure you’ll realize that by the end of this post. I do, however, enjoy the wtf-fest that is Donald Trump. As I do with most things in my life, I wanted to relate it to video games. I asked myself “If the Trump were a video game character, who would he be?” This is what I came up with.

— —

Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2

Trump on treating workers with Ebola:

“Ebola patient will be brought to the U.S. in a few days — Now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent. KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE!”

This little gem of a game allows you to build a super virus in order to infect and kill the entire world’s population. No, the Trumpster isn’t like the virus, you jokester. He’s the leader of Madagascar. When that port shuts down, there’s no way a virus is getting over the border. Why does it shut down? Well, someone sneezed somewhere…


Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

“An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that @BarackObama’s birth certificate is a fraud.”

Doesn’t this sound like the plot of a good mystery game? Can you imagine the Trumpmeister calling up the ACME Detective Agency to claim that Carmen San Diego has stolen the original document and left behind a forgery? Only you can save the president’s credibility. Are you up for it?


Resident Evil 4

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” – Donald Trump

Look me in the eyes and tell me that Trumpy wouldn’t make a good Leon Kennedy. Wait, you’re right. He wouldn’t. Leon is a solid protagonist and legit hero. Do you remember that one time he went to Europe and killed a lot of Spanish speaking plague ridden villagers, though. Sure, they’re not from Mexico, but do you think Trump would really know the difference? Or care? The beginning of this game could easily be used as Trump’s campaign video.



“Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.” – Donald Trump

Doesn’t this sound like one of Glados’ comments toward Chell? is that what trump presidency would be like? Passive aggressive comments all day? If so, sign me up. I love Portal and I’d vote for Glados if I could. This might be the next best thing.


Sim City

Sorry. I don’t have a witty Trump nugget for this one. There is just something about playing Sim City with the $1 million cheat that reminds me of the Donald. Why? Building stuff I guess. And I assume the people of the city have no idea why the mayor is rich. Just like Trump. I have no idea why he is rich. I’ll just assume its a cheat code because I really don’t care enough to look into it.


5 People Who Suck at Being Nintendo Fans


Rexis here!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that internet trolls are often times just people who need to have their opinions validated and the best way to get attention is to post something mean. I can’t stand that mentality because the world is already so full of ignorance and hatred that we really don’t need it spread across out favorite fandoms. So I decided to take a look at some Nintendo comments across Facebook and I wanted to share with you the stupidest stuff I’ve had to suffer through. Keep in mind that all of these people decided to take to their keyboards for no reason other than to spread their anger over something they obviously wouldn’t care about otherwise. They let this negativity fall out of their face holes for LITERALLY no reason.


In regards to Disney XD airing a condensed version of the 2015 Nintendo World Championships, we have this little gem. Forget the fact that he is generalizing by saying no one has the channel, he thinks everyone who cared has already seen it. I haven’t. And I’m psyched to watch it when I have time. This was posted on Nintendo’s Facebook page. Way to be a fan! Can we just take a moment to point out the obvious partnership of Disney and Nintendo here.


When Nintendo asked “How are you spending your summer?” Here’s an argument I hear time and time again. “Nintendo games are for kids! You suck!” I’m assuming “lousy console” means Wii U, but I’m willing to bet this guy doesn’t actually own one. I do. I love it. And I am well beyond 10 years old. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Hating on an entire company and its console because you have hang ups about being mature is a pathetic stance to take. I appreciate games for what they are: games. They don’t define me, my age, or how I feel about an entire company. That’s like hating McDonald’s because Happy Meals are for kids. Get over yourself.


When Nintendo posted some pics from their E3 booth, this true fan came through with some advice. Crap games? Like Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Mario Maker, or Hyrule Warriors? Are these the crap games he was referring to? (All of which sol really well.) Watering down flagship titles? Pikmin 3 was a great game and so is Mario 3D Land. Instead of the amazing IPs Nintendo does have, perhaps they should focus on their super hit titles like Advance Wars and Custom Robo? What is this guy even playing on?


So Nintendo posted about NES Remix and this showed up, completely off topic. The reason these things are on shortage is because they are selling out within 30 seconds of being available. You can’t find them because you aren’t fast/lucky enough. It is not Nintendo’s prerogative to provide one for every person in the world. There’s a little something called supply and demand. Look it up. Then again, I’m sure it would take you awhile. You know, you could just not buy one. Crazy idea, but I promise, not owning Lucinda won’t kill you. As for Nintendo alienating its franchise, how is providing a highly collectible item alienating? Are you offended when Starbucks takes the Pumpkin Spice latte off the menu, too?


Nintendo patented a controller idea. That’s it. This guy’s rage knows no limits. Why can’t Nintendo just be Sony, for god’s sake?! Embrace the same business model as your competitors already, Nintendo! Don’t innovate. I fear change! And if I have to play with a controller I can’t comprehend, you know, with buttons in different spots than my PlayStation controller, God help you!

Now that you hate people, have a nice day! 🙂

Final Fantasy XI Journal – Entry 6 – Quick Update


Rexis here!

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last journal entry. I’ve been crazy busy! The new FFXI Lore section on the blog is taking off and I’m really enjoying writing about the history of Vana’diel. It gives me a chance to learn as much as possible about the game. The best part is that I get corrections from reader sometimes and that really helps me to make it the best it can be. This obviously means I’ve been doing missions like crazy! Since my last entry, I’ve completed all the Bastok missions and Rise of the Zilart. I am currently working through Chains of Promathia, just completed the three promyvions last night and made my way to Tavnazia Stronghold. Points is: I’m having a blast! I should probably add that I’ve been able to solo every mission so far.


I’ve also managed to reach level 99 with beastmaster. Kudos to Duslam, Photah, and Firerain from the RevenantWing linkshell who helped me out with limit break 10. I’m rocking my super sweet outlander gear which I kind of wish was more than just a rehashed basic chainmail model, but what can you do? Photah showed me a great spot to level in Escha-Zitah and I have been getting merits like crazy. When every kill gives you over 5000 limit points, its not very difficult to do. Couple that with a pet who can kill anything by using ready twice (Blackbeard Randy) and it make for a fun night. I’m getting stronger by the minute.


My love for beastmaster has me questioning whether I’ll ever level another job. I just can’t imagine functioning as well any other way. I know I started this thing up with the intention of leveling corsair, but I don’t know if that is my end game goal now. If I’m not doing missions, I find myself pocketing sparks and working towards upgrading my original artifact armor to a level 99 totemic set. I’ve got everything I need for the helm, but I have to clear a bunch of CoP missions first.

Aside from that, I’ve been scouting for new players and helping people out whenever I can. I’ve gotten a lot of help since my return from a perpetually patient linkshell, so I feel its my duty to help those who are coming up behind me. I’m still reeling over how fast it is to level now and I’m still waiting for a friend of mine to return to Vana’diel. When that happens, corsair just might be in the cards. I could use the sparks I’ll undoubtedly attain while we play together.


As far as tips go, I’ll tell you not to let your sparks and accolades max out. Use them! I pick up chapters of Rem’s tales when I can with my sparks, and I use my accolades on gobbiedial keys and refractive crystals (which can be sold for quick gil) for JSE capes. They are pretty pricey, but I don’t have much else to use unity accolades on at the moment. If you don’t spend them, you’re just wasting the new ones you get. I’ve also learned that I can store pretty much all my armor in my “mog wardrobe” and equip it from there so it leaves my inventory empty. Very handy! If you need sparks, keep an eye out for the unity objective “get 5000 exp.” It awards 300 sparks each time and its really easy to do, especially in Escha-Zitah.

I realize this journal entry is shorter than normal, but with so much to write in regards to the missions, it keeps me busy. I have a lot more to do in game, so stick around and we’ll have some fun together!

Remembering Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006


Rexis here!

The last time I saw my close friends all together was in 2006. We had parted ways around 2002 as high school ended and we went different ways. The Final Fantasy Fan Festival was the last time we were all together in one place. It was a time before cell phone cameras were the norm, so don’t expect a lot of pics in this post. Sadly, there are very few I can find from the event on the internet. This will be my own recollection of an awesome event. Unfortunately, it won’t be very long. Hope you enjoy anyway!

When I heard that the festival was going to be held in Santa Monica, California I knew I had to go. We lived in Arizona at the time so it was a short road trip. When I mentioned it to my friends, they all jumped on board. Two of them flew in and we car tripped together with my wife. Another friend drove in from New Mexico with a friend of his own. In all, there were 6 of us (a full party in FFXI). I made two shirts for the event. A white one with red WHM letters on it and a black one with red RDM letters (for my wife who had started playing a bit).  I also had an “I’m a ninja, you can’t see me” shirt that I felt was appropriate.

We stayed in a condo, but spent little time in it. There were two rooms and one of the guys ended up sleeping on an air mattress we brought.  The festival was on the pier and it was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. It was freezing and wet! It was March, but because we were living in Arizona, it was always hot so we didn’t even think of bringing warm clothes. We ended up buying some stuff to keep us warm!

The festival was ramping up on the first day and we were outside in line waiting to go into the massive tents that were set up. There were a ton of cosplayers and Japanese gamers everywhere! This was my first big convention and I loved the atmosphere. There was a lot to see! Treasures of Aht Urhgan was going to be released soon and this event promised the reveal of three new jobs in the game. We got goody bags with copies of Chain of Promathia for PC. They were handing them out like candy, trying to clear old stock I’d assume.

One of the events we participated in was a scavenger hunt. We were given a list of in game items to find in real life and were told to be creative. One of the items on the list was crysing mustard (I think). I remember we went straight to a deli on the pier only to find a sign that said “mustard for customers only.” Apparently, all these festival goers were taking the mustard from this deli for the scavenger hunt. There were trivia events as well and all of these things awarded you gil. It was cardboard, easy to get, and could be used to buy different things, like taking a picture with the Mithra girls.

I remember the reveal of the three jobs vividly. Everyone was so excited as the presentation began. It was a random tunnel in the new area and each job class was revealed one at a time in their full AF armor. Corsair, blue mage, and puppetmaster. There was even a battle demonstration. The crowd was going crazy for this stuff, my group included. There were announcements about new job abilities as well, then a Q&A about the game.

There was a special burning circle event where you took your team into battle against some of the heroes of Vana’diel. You had a few minutes to set up your macros, and in you go. You could only use the six starter jobs for this. We got pretty close to winning, but wiped in the end. It was a blast playing in person with the friends I hadn’t seen in so long.

The festival culminated with a ballista tournament, Ballista Royale. The American teams squared off. When it was all said and done the winning team was surprised to find they were going to play against the reigning Japanese champs. This was such a cheap move! Let me explain. The American team didn’t know they were going to play their Japanese counter parts and the Japanese team was loaded with items giving them a huge advantage over the unprepared Americans. It was a total decimation. Unfair in every way.

That aside, we all had such a great time! The atmosphere was so positive! It was a time when the game was still big, but I still sense that camaraderie when I play now, and I think that’s what’s kept me returning to this game over the years. There is a camera somewhere at my in-laws house and if I ever find the video we recorded, I’m going to post it up on YouTube. Its a shame there aren’t more images and videos from this event as it was an important moment in our FFXI history. If you were at this festival (or any festival), I’d encourage you to write about your experiences! Its always good to hear from fellow enthusiasts with similar experiences.

Rex’s Game Room Tour


Rexis here!

Greetings, internet denizens! Things have been interesting for me lately as Ability Points is growing like wildfire. I know I have been remarkably passionate about Final Fantasy XI lately, but that particular niche seems to have mass appeal. I have many more posts planned for that game, including the continuation of the story summaries, journal entries, and a little something about the Fan Festival in ’06. Today, however, I wanted to take a little break from FFXI and bring you something in the greater spirit of gaming. I’ve been playing games since I was a kid. You know, back when the NES was dominating the gaming market, and the one thing I’ve always wanted was a room dedicated to video games. Well, I finally got one and the story behind its growth is an interesting one.


It started two years ago when a coworker brought in a few old handheld gaming systems. This stuff predated the Game Boy and I fell in love with what he and I refer to as “beautiful machines.” He gave me a few of them and I was instantly hooked. (You’ll see that photo there in another post soon.) This is when I got heavily into the idea of collecting retro games. I learned so much from different YouTube channels. I found my local thrift stores and flea markets. I was addicted to the hunt. Soon, I put together this shelf of my favorite gaming possessions.


Shortly after I became fixated on Game Boy systems and Final Fantasy games. Eventually, I would add Zelda to the mix. I had to have it all! The little shelf grew into a small book case, but it still couldn’t hold everything I was bringing in. Each foray into the wild had to end with some new gaming item or I was jus wasting my time. This is about the time I started buying to resell as well. The hobby can be expensive, so to offset the cost, you can pick up things you already own, clean them up, and sell them for a bit more. This funded many of my purchases, but most of it came out of pocket. In the world of retro collecting, values tend not to go down, so this isn’t like buying a burger and losing your money. It literally sits on the shelf and accrues value.

It was around this time that my kids had grown out of needing a separate playroom. My house has a sort of office/formal dining room space, but we always used it for the kids things. Since they didn’t really play in there anymore, I mentioned we should turn it into the game room I’ve always wanted. My wife agreed and gave me the green light to do whatever I wanted with that space. It started with the purchase of a large framed Atari logo, a can of retro gray paint, and a lot of elbow grease. Adding in the futon and a refurbished entertainment unit I was able to acquire and clean up and boom! The game room of my dreams!

game room

Some tips: Paint is not expensive and does wonder for a room. Get to know your local GameStop guys and you’ll have free posters to cover the walls. Be creative with your space! I still look around the room from time to time and move things around to suit my tastes. I’ve been through quite a few changes, including adding a much larger book case. Here are some of my favorite things in my game room!


This Sonic 2 poster hangs right near the 46 inch TV. I used to have a poster like this when I was a kid and it followed me for years before becoming so torn up that it had to be thrown away. Having it framed and in a place where I can see it anytime reminds me of my childhood and of the title that planted the gamer seed in me.


These are my consoles as they sit today. I used to have an Atari 2600 where that XBOX One is, but, I recently upgraded. I never really played the Atari, but now I rarely turn off the XBOX One.The PS3 on the right side is actually broken. Yellow light of death. Essentially, it has a bad heat sink and I’ve done some repairs, but ultimately it died. My functional PS3 is in the living room because my stupid “smart” blu-ray player stopped detecting Wi-Fi and I need a temporary replacement. I’m sure some people might be wondering what that little gray and purple deal beside the N64 is. That’s a Retron 2. It plays NES and SNES games for a fraction of what those two systems cost individually, plus it has better video output. That shelf everything is sitting on used to be wood grain and in pretty bad shape. I painted it myself and turned some of the doors that came with it into shelves. I think it turned out pretty good.


To the left, you’ll see my Disney Infinity collection. We have everything from the first two games with the exception of a few power discs. My family loves this game and we are psyched about Infinity 3.0. Its a matter of time before I need to upgrade these shelves. Again. I used to have my Amiibo collection here, because that makes sense, but they look better in their new home…


… among my Zelda Collection. Notice the bottle of Chateau Romani. You’ll also catch a glimpse of Majora’s Mask I got from Pax South. I’ve been able to part with a number of items from my often overbearing collection, but the one thing that keeps growing is the Zelda section. I am a rabid Zelda fan and I just have to get my hands on everything Zelda related. Its not always possible, but I try.


The current state of décor above the futon. Also, there’s a goomba from Party City.


 There are so many great things in this pic that its hard to know where to start. My favorite thing here, though, is the Sonic plush hanging on the wall. I picked him up for $1, dirty, used, and torn up. I actually learned to sew just to save him. He cleaned up real nice and looks great in the game room. I’ve also got Edward Kenway from Black Flag next to my bobble head Han Solo. Essentially, this is where I keep all my games. You’ll also see Mario Kart 8 McDonald’s toys, a few books, and some artwork my son did in school. I know its not the biggest collection in the world, but its mine and I love it!


This is what you’ll find in the fourth corner and its where I’ve been spending most of my time lately. I have a laptop with a recently busted screen hooked up to a Dell monitor until I can afford to replace the system. There’s a printer and a machine for makings stickers. This where I play Final Fantasy XI and Minecraft. If I have a good amount of time to get into the game, I can hook it to the TV with an HDMI cable. You’ll see my Wii-U gamepad next to the lamp. Often times, I’ve got Futurama running on it while I’m on the computer.

I’ve kind of moved on from retro collecting because I’ve found it to be too time consuming and I would end up with a lot of things I didn’t really need. I don’t find a wall full of unused items appealing. I pride my collection on consisting of things I love. I can pick any game in this room and have fun playing it. Its hard to say that when your collection has a lot of garbo in it. These days, I am more about the blog than I am about collecting. Its far more rewarding to spend my time writing and sharing my gaming related views and experiences with you guys!

So that concludes my game room tour. Thanks for stopping by and, as always, thanks for reading!